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Want to create awesome videos for your product or website?

Do you find yourself asking questions like: What camera do I use? Why do my videos sound crappy? How much money should I be spending? What lighting should I use? What should I say? Does my video look ok? Where do I even start?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in our new course, The 80/20 of Pro Video where you will learn how to create professional looking video without breaking the bank.

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What Students Are Saying


With all respect, I want to tell you how much I’m flattered with this training. To me it is “Apple product for info marketers”.

This is super simple and highly engineered by a world class mentor. I’m glad I’m here to experience it first hand.



Working through the course instantly calmed frayed nerves, gave me a clear structure to work through and took me step-by-step through every single stage of building an info product and a website.

Nothing is left out. If you have nothing else but an idea for an info product then Successful Start School is the one and only thing that you should invest your money in.

– JANE RAPIN, thelovecook.tv